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When it comes to Child Support in Ontario, the amount that a non-primary caregiver is required to pay is calculated and depended on the Child Support Guidelines and the number of children you have. Generally the parent who has the child least 45% of the time pays custody to the other parent, which goes towards care and maintenance of the child.

Child support can often be an emotionally charged topic, as both parents can have wildly differing views of what’s fair and acceptable. Heckburn Law can help you reach a settlement that ensures that your children are financially looked after.

Child Support is the right of the child. The court takes this very seriously when the non-primary caregiver does not uphold their financial responsibility to the child(ren). This may include nonpayment of child support or not making the allotted payments in accordance with their income.

Heckburn Law can assist you in obtaining the child support payments that the child is entitled to.