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February is recognized as Black History Month, and celebrating this month is a reminder of the great contributions and the roles that the African and Caribbean descendants have played within our society. Additionally, it is during this time that our history, accomplishments, legacies, culture, and traditions are being showcased. 

On the flip side, the journey of the Afro Canadians to prominence is layered with racism, prejudices, oppression, and injustices. Oftentimes, the ongoing struggle for equity and social justice has become so burdensome that individuals are forced to rely on their strength and resilience to bring about changes that will have a lasting impact.

As stated by Majora Carter “If we are going to be part of the solution, we have to engage the problems,” This has propelled trailblazers such as Lincoln Alexander, the first black lawyer to become a Member of Parliament in 1968, Justice Maurice Charles, who in 1969 became the first black judge on the Ontario Court Bench, and in 2012 Justice Michael Tulloch became the first black judge appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Noted among these icons is Violet King Henry, the first black female lawyer who was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1954. Unlike her counterpart, she was a woman seeking to find a spot in a male-dominated career. These appointees, both individually and collectively, have changed the landscape of the judiciary system. Not only have they tried to administer justice as equitably and fairly as possible, but they were also the catalyst for change in how Afro Canadians are treated while navigating the court system. Furthermore, they have set the bar extremely high that every Afro Canadian boy and girl can aspire to become.

We at Heckburnlaw are proud to take the batons of these outstanding trailblazers. We are committed to our clients in their pursuit of justice by providing them with a service of excellence, professionalism, and the best possible legal outcomes.