Returning To School During COVID-19

Author: Heckburn Law | | Categories: Child Support , COVID-19 , Estate Planning


It was at the end of March Break 2020 when all schools in Ontario closed their doors indefinitely due to COVID-19. This was an unprecedented move by the Minister of Education as it impacted more than two million (2,00,000) students in the province. As a result, online learning exploded as students were removed from the classroom environment, and schools had to use an alternative way of teaching. 

It is now mid-August 2020, and during normal times parents and children would be excited and looking forward to getting ready for back to school. However, this year “back to school” is a totally new experience, especially for those parents with access and child custody orders. This can be an additional stress for both parents and children as they do not only have to comply with the court’s order, but also the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines and orders, respecting hand washing, social distancing, and self-isolation.

When the court made the existing parenting order, it assumed that each parent would act in the best interest of their child or children. Therefore, for parents with court orders or agreements, the current COVID-19 situation does not allow them to change the court order to suit their personal needs or desires. It is mandatory that all parties involved are expected to follow their existing order or agreement. Furthermore, no parent has the right to deny the other parent of their parenting time. Any changes to be made to the existing court order or agreement can only be done by obtaining a new court order or agreement by going through the court system. 

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